Individuals are solely responsible for the problems they face.

This ideology is so seductive not only because it radically simplifies our world, but also because it mirrors the two social institutions neo-liberals actually believe in — the “free” market and law and order. Everything is reduced to either a simplistic market transaction or a criminal case. In the former, you either have the money to buy stuff, or you don’t and it’s up to you to get more. In the latter, a lone individual is personally responsible for a crime and is punished for it. Easy peasy. No sociology needed.

Jakeet Singh in The Star. The ideological roots of Stephen Harper’s vendetta against sociology

Harper’s seemingly bizarre beef with sociology is actually an ideological attempt to prevent us from being able to identify, and tackle, our structural injustices.

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But it isn’t nearly enough for us to care about black mothers and their children or to simply acknowledge their suffering; we must change policies that are destroying their lives. We must end the war on drugs. We must provide free or low-cost childcare options. We must create living wage jobs. And we must end racist mass criminalization.

Sarah JaffeMariame KabaRandy Albelda and Kathleen Geier in The NationHow to End the Criminalization of America’s Mothers (via protoslacker)

As Fire is to Air, so is Air to Water, and Water to Earth. And again, as the Earth is to Water, so is Water to Air, and Air to Fire. And this is the root and foundation of all bodies, natures, and wonderful works. And he who can know and thoroughly understand these qualities of the Elements and their mixtures shall bring to pass wonderful and astonishing things in Magic.

— Cornelius Agrippa (via sublimesea)

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